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Story of the Starfish

One day, a grumpy old man took a walk in a long seaside beach. While he was walking alone, he realized that thousands of starfish were washed up onto a shore due to the sea ebb. There were many suffering starfish that are trying to reach sea but couldn’t without any help… Suddenly, he saw a little boy walking softly in the beach. The old man slowly approached the boy to watch him closely. The little boy was leaning on the sand, taking a starfish and then, throwing away to the sea. Then, he was taking another starfish into his hands, gently cleaning the sands on it, and throwing it to the sea. He was repeating the process again and again. The old man firstly looked at the great number of starfish lying on the ground, then looked at the little boy who was taking starfish one by one. Finally, he decided to come closer to the boy and asked cynically: “Hey, what are you doing in there?” While throwing another starfish to sea, the boy answered: “I am helping starfish to reach the sea. If they cannot, they will die over the sand”. The old man put a sardonic smile on his face: “There are thousands of starfish in here. You cannot make a difference for them!” The little boy slowly took another starfish, and cleaned little sands on its face. Then, he throwed it away to the sea. A little splash was heard. Finally, he answered softly: “But I made a difference for it”

As mental health professionals, we will encounter many starfish in our own way; some of them will be sinked into the sand more, and others will lose their hope when they try to reach sea. Sometimes, we will meet starfish who are waiting someone to help them to reach sea. Our purpose should be accompanying all the starfish we encounter to reach the sea.


Professionals who completed the programs of 4-years Bachelor’s on Psychology and 2-years Master’s on Clinical Psychology accrediated by YÖK are entitled as Clinical Psychologists. Psychotherapy is the talking therapy provided by qualified mental health professionals. During psychotherapy, we will focus on all the struggles you experience, including disturbing feelings and thoughts. There can be adaptive or maladaptive coping strategies you can perform. We aim to gain insight towards your personal experiences, through changing perspective on your thoughts, feelings and behavioral patterns. Eventually, psychotherapy is the ultimate way of raising personal awareness via self-discovery.

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I provide psychotherapy service on both psychodynamic and EMDR techniques on adults. You can contact me to make an appointment.

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As a team leader of psychology undergradutes, we will organize many seminars, workshops, interactive activities and more under the root of Psychology Mentorship.

“Problems are not the problem; coping is the problem.”

Virginia Satir

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